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Clinical Research and Market Access in Latin America

At Farmacon Global, we are pioneers in redefining the landscape of diversity within clinical research and market access. Our dedicated concierge approach propels pharma and biotechs towards successful project realization, optimizing not only time and resources but also addressing the crucial needs for diversity with precision and care.

Strategic Solutions for Clinical Trial Acceleration and Market Access

Throughout the entire development lifecycle, we offer integrated solutions supported by our on-the-ground medical experts and strategic alliances for your projects – from the initial stages of strategy and planning, through regulatory approval, to the final stages of successful commercialization.


On-the-Ground Expertise

Navigate the complexities of emerging markets with confidence. Our extensive network of on-the-ground medical experts and trusted partners ensures you have local, culturally sensitive insights at your fingertips.


Concierge Approach

Your success is our mission. Our concierge approach goes beyond conventional services, delivering culturally tailored strategies across clinical trial enrollment, site network intelligence, medical strategies and training, and market access.


Efficiency Redefined

Save valuable time and resources. We streamline processes, offering a swift and efficient pathway to your goals, and ensure you stay ahead in the competitive landscape.


Diversity in Focus

Embrace diversity seamlessly in Latin America and other emerging markets. Farmacon Global is committed to meeting your project’s diversity needs according to the FDA’s recommendation for Diversity Action Plans.


Regulatory Prowess

Navigate regulatory challenges with ease. Our adept team excels in regulatory affairs, ensuring compliance and overcoming hurdles for a smooth project journey including the creation of Clinical Study Reports (CSRs) for FDA submission.


Logistical Mastery

Overcome logistical challenges effortlessly. Farmacon Global is your partner in overcoming logistical intricacies, ensuring seamless operations throughout your project.

Our Leadership Team

Global Experts in the Path to Success in Latin America

Sara Tylosky,

Dr. Luis Squiquera,

Dr. Anita Campos,
Strategic Medical Lead

Dr. José Torres,
Strategic Medical Lead

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Sara Tylosky, MBA

Sara Tylosky, MBA, CEO at Farmacon Global, brings over 20 years of experience leading teams in both large and small pharmaceutical and biotech environments. She has led Farmacon Global, a strategic CRO of medical consultants, in accelerating clinical trials, increasing diversity, supporting enrollment, and paving the way to market access in emerging markets.

Known for her high cultural intelligence and problem-solving skills, Sara and her team specialize in Rare Diseases, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Cancer, and Vaccines. Fluent in Spanish and having lived on four continents, she has a special focus on Latin America while actively expanding into other key markets globally. Sara’s direction plays a pivotal role in steering Farmacon Global toward healthcare innovation and global market leadership.