Local CRO & Regulatory Partners

Farmacon Global has cultivated strategic partnerships with local CROs and regulatory partners in key countries across Latin and Central America. Our alliances easily navigate the complexities of diverse regulatory landscapes, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of local regulations, expediting approvals, and ensuring successful compliance in each targeted market. These collaborations blend our global expertise with the local insights of our trusted partners, guaranteeing a seamless execution of your clinical trials and market access projects.

Data Management & Technology Partners

In our pursuit of cutting-edge solutions, Farmacon Global allies with premier Data Management and Technology Partners. These collaborations harness the power of advanced technologies, enhancing data integrity and accelerating the pace of clinical research in diverse and emerging markets.

Laboratory Partners

Our strategic partnerships with leading laboratories reinforce Farmacon Global’s commitment to precision and quality in clinical research. These partnerships bring advanced diagnostic capabilities to our projects, ensuring robust data and insights that drive successful outcomes across diverse regions.

Sara Tylosky, MBA

Sara Tylosky, MBA, CEO at Farmacon Global, brings over 20 years of experience leading teams in both large and small pharmaceutical and biotech environments. She has led Farmacon Global, a strategic CRO of medical consultants, in accelerating clinical trials, increasing diversity, supporting enrollment, and paving the way to market access in emerging markets.

Known for her high cultural intelligence and problem-solving skills, Sara and her team specialize in Rare Diseases, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Cancer, and Vaccines. Fluent in Spanish and having lived on four continents, she has a special focus on Latin America while actively expanding into other key markets globally. Sara’s direction plays a pivotal role in steering Farmacon Global toward healthcare innovation and global market leadership.