Paving the Way for Transformative Healthcare Globally

Throughout the entire development lifecycle, we offer integrated solutions supported by our on-the-ground medical experts and strategic alliances for your projects – from the initial stages of strategy and planning, through regulatory approval, to the final stages of successful commercialization.

Unlocking Opportunities with Diversity

Navigating the intricacies of clinical trials demands a nuanced approach. Our comprehensive suite of services is tailored to directly address the unique challenges of diversity:
  • Landscape Reviews: A strategic analysis to tailor your approach.
  • Regulatory Support: Expert guidance to ensure compliance and seamless processes.
  • Protocol Development/Review: Crafting robust protocols for successful trials.
  • Site Identification & Engagement: Identifying ideal sites and building successful relationships.
  • Diversity Action Plans: Leveraging Latin America and other diverse regions for inclusive trials.
  • PAG Identification and Outreach: Engaging Patient Advocacy Groups through our DIEM Alliance.
  • Enrollment Acceleration Plans & Implementation: Strategizing and executing enrollment acceleration plans to meet your recruitment goals.
  • Medical Monitoring: Ensuring trials meet the highest medical standards.
  • CRA Monitoring: Vigilant monitoring to guarantee trial integrity.

Elevating Standards, Driving Excellence

Elevate your clinical journey with Farmacon Global’s best practice services, offering expert medical consulting, advisory boards, local partnerships, and continuous education to set new standards of excellence in clinical research.
  • Medical Consulting: Expert insights for pre-clinical and clinical development.
  • Advisory Boards: Harnessing collective expertise for strategic decisions.
  • RARE DIEM Conference: A platform to discuss Rare Diseases in emerging markets.
  • Clinical Study Reports: CSRs play a vital role in the regulatory review process by providing comprehensive data on clinical trial outcomes, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, and facilitating informed decision-making regarding the approval and monitoring of new drugs.
  • Critical Partnerships: Collaborate with local on-the-ground organizations including CROs, regulatory experts, labs, and health technology partners for advanced and streamlined solutions.

Beyond Completion, Towards Impact

After trial completion, Farmacon Global continues to make an impact with post-pivotal clinical trial services. From vigilant pharmacovigilance and “compassionate use” facilitation to expert advisory boards and FDA audit preparation, our commitment to excellence extends beyond the trial’s conclusion.
  • Pharmacovigilance: Safeguarding patient well-being through rigorous monitoring.
  • Compassionate Use: Facilitating access to treatments with empathy.
  • Advisory Boards for Biotechs/Pharmas: Expert insights for informed decisions.
  • Preceptorships: Bridging LatAm doctors with global specialists for continuous learning.
  • Auditing and FDA Audit Preparation: Ensuring readiness for regulatory scrutiny.

Empowering Excellence Through Knowledge

From our dedicated Farmacon Academy program to high-touch personalized training for key stakeholders, we’re committed to nurturing expertise in clinical research, ensuring excellence at every stage.
  • Farmacon Academy: A cutting-edge program for comprehensive training.
  • High-Touch Training: Personalized training for key stakeholders.
  • CRO Training: Elevating the capabilities of Clinical Research Organizations.
  • CRA Monitor Training: Nurturing skilled monitors for effective oversight.
  • Medical Monitor Training: Equipping monitors for high medical standards.
  • MSL Training: Empowering Medical Science Liaisons for impactful engagement.
  • How to Run Virtual Meetings: Mastering the art of virtual collaboration for efficient communication.

Sara Tylosky, MBA

Sara Tylosky, MBA, CEO at Farmacon Global, brings over 20 years of experience leading teams in both large and small pharmaceutical and biotech environments. She has led Farmacon Global, a strategic CRO of medical consultants, in accelerating clinical trials, increasing diversity, supporting enrollment, and paving the way to market access in emerging markets.

Known for her high cultural intelligence and problem-solving skills, Sara and her team specialize in Rare Diseases, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Cancer, and Vaccines. Fluent in Spanish and having lived on four continents, she has a special focus on Latin America while actively expanding into other key markets globally. Sara’s direction plays a pivotal role in steering Farmacon Global toward healthcare innovation and global market leadership.