Seizing Opportunities for Rare Disease in Emerging Markets

The Rare DIEM (Rare Disease In Emerging Markets) Alliance is a collaborative platform established to foster research initiatives in emerging markets such as Latin America. Our mission is to bring together researchers and healthcare professionals interested in participating in clinical research opportunities addressing rare diseases in these regions.
We welcome medical professionals across Latin America and Central America who are passionate about advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care through cutting-edge research. By joining our alliance, you gain access to potential research projects tailored to your expertise, benefiting your professional development, your patients, and the broader community.
Please take a moment to fill out our form and connect with us to explore new research horizons!
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Sara Tylosky, MBA

Sara Tylosky, MBA, CEO at Farmacon Global, brings over 20 years of experience leading teams in both large and small pharmaceutical and biotech environments. She has led Farmacon Global, a strategic CRO of medical consultants, in accelerating clinical trials, increasing diversity, supporting enrollment, and paving the way to market access in emerging markets.

Known for her high cultural intelligence and problem-solving skills, Sara and her team specialize in Rare Diseases, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Cancer, and Vaccines. Fluent in Spanish and having lived on four continents, she has a special focus on Latin America while actively expanding into other key markets globally. Sara’s direction plays a pivotal role in steering Farmacon Global toward healthcare innovation and global market leadership.