Rare Disease patients are the key to new treatment development, and Latin America is no exception. On July 14th, 2021, Farmacon Global implemented another successful educational webinar about PFIC diagnosis, through its relationships with key opinion leaders in over 10 countries of Latin America, and over 65 specialist physicians in attendance. This kind of teamwork by Farmacon Global has brought together many medical experts and stakeholders
and patient advocacy groups to the table to accelerate diagnosis, clinical trials and market access. Dr. Jose Torres, MD,
Strategic Medical Lead for Farmacon Global, organized the webinar, along with this team for Farmacon Global client, Mirum Pharmaceuticals, and Dr. Pierre Alvarez, Vice President of the Latin American Society of Pediatric astroenterology, to bring together experts in the field to discuss this important underdiagnosed disease,
called PFIC, or Progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis.

PFIC is a rare inherited condition, where very young children are not able to drain bile from the liver even though the large bile ducts are open (cholestasis). This condition gets worse over time and many children pass away. As clinical trials in Latin America are so important today, 65 physicians, with ten countries of Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Chile and Argentina being present represents a significant step in reaching a broad area where patients don’t have potential treatment options. “We see this as a service to our clients. Our connectivity means their success.

They need to recruit patients with specific disease profiles and through our Latin American doctor and medical professional connections we can quickly ramp-up connectivity with a well-defined webinar with participants who are experts in their area but found across a diverse geographical region,” said Sara Tylosky, Farmacon Global CEO. “The fact that we had five follow up calls immediately after the event showed significant interest in this condition,” commented Dr. Torres. To participate in future webinars coordinated throughout Latin America concerning Clinical Trial fruition, contact Sara Tylosky, CEO at 5612323441 or Dr. Jose Torres, Strategic Medical Lead, Farmacon Global at 50671232165 “Let’s Brainstorm!”

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