“During this season of giving, Farmacon Global is pleased to announce LINK, our 2022 corporate social responsibility pro gram,” said Sara Tylosky, CEO Farmacon Global. “LINK will provide genetic testing at no cost for select rare disease patients in Latin America to empower them in their search for adequate treatment through the help of our LINK partner, Mendelics Lab, which is the first and largest Brazilian lab oratory specializing in genetic diagnostic tests for rare diseases and cancer through the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). We are enthused about their gener ous participation as a leading-edge ge netics testing com pany and currently engaged with Mendelics on a specific study for testing for PFIC, Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis.”

“Through Farmacon Global’s involvement for clinical trials and research in Latin America and our ensuing relationships with Patient Advocacy Groups, we understand that support is needed for patients with rare conditions to obtain proper diagnosis,” said Carlos Martinez Villela, Farmacon Global’s Director of Patient Advocacy and Social Programs for Latin America. “We also know first-hand that access to medications can be a problem, but access to proper diagnosis is an even greater issue that prevents patients from receiving treatments in the Latin American region.” “As the LINK program unfolds we will work closely with referring physicians and Mendelics to provide results directly to the referring physician and patient. Farmacon Global can then be of further assistance to the select rare disease patient and their fam ily when the proper diagnosis is known by coordinating nec essary interpretation of the results and access to patient advocacy support and clinical research information,” con cluded Villela. “As a strategic CRO of
Medical Specialists in rare disease, can cer, immunology and infectious disease, the LINK program is a natural out-growth of our patient-cen tric practices,” said Tylosky. “Farmacon Global’s strategic solutions accelerate clinical trials and market access in emerging markets, such as Latin America, through our on-the-ground medical associates and alliances, where every patient and every community counts…all to the benefit of our clients’ successful outcomes. This is why together we have de veloped LINK and look forward to its success and growth for rare disease patients in the coming year through our alliance with Mendelics.”

For more information contact Sara Tylosky, CEO or Carlos Martinez Villela, Director, Patient Advocacy and Social Programs.

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