“It’s rewarding to find an article like this and know that you and your specialized team are helping to bring such
an important trial to fruition. Especially this much-watched trial for Medicago’s plant-derived COVID-19 vaccine. We
are proud to be involved in something so necessary for the benefit of humanity at this minute,” said Sara Tylosky,
whose company Farmacon Global is involved in Brazil and now Argentina with phase III of this clinical trial for a plant-based vaccine, and other Latin American countries to follow.

As a recent article by Lucy Parsons in PharmaTimes online states, in part, “Medicago and plant-derived COVID-19 vaccines have generated some promising midstage trial results, the companies revealed.” And that, “In March, Medicago launched a Phase III trial of the vaccine candidate, with trial sites currently enrolling participants in
Canada, the US, the UK, and Brazil.” As Carlos Martinez, Farmacon Global’s Communications Director, said, “Being a strategic and highly flexible team, we are working in our area of specialty, which is in Latin America with our local medical consultants who are in place for study acceleration including support for site selection and site support of recruitment and enrollment. We are happy to be in a team effort with Syneos who is conducting study management and medical monitoring. As of today we have advanced the Medicago clinical trial phase III to quickly ramp up enrollment as this critical phase of the study is carried out in Brazil and we are now setting up in Argentina and Mexico.”

“It’s truly a hands-on situation as we reach this clinical trial’s goal of enrolling 15,000 people of representative diversity of the population in Latin America,” continued Tylosky. “For us, it was an interesting moment when Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, came out and indicated, ‘Yes we approved the Medicago CVD19 Clinical Phase III trial here.’ This was rather unheard of for a President of a country to publicly be so excited and positive about a medical trial that he mentioned it to the media.” This caused a huge media response, which Farmacon helped filter for the trial’s benefit through our access to local doctors and medical experts involved with the trial. That was part of our ‘concierge service’ to the clinical trial process. Just one of the ways that being so locally connected can accelerate clinical trials.”

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