“This year our Rare Disease Assembly, called ‘Rare Diem – Seizing Opportunities for Rare Diseases in Emerging
Markets’ will be virtual,” said Sara Tylosky, CEO, Farmacon Global. “Part of the effort this year’s assembly will be
to bring together critical stakeholders to form an advisory board for the creation of an in-person 2022 conference.
Next year we will do it the old-fashioned way: face to face and a chance to shake a hand or sip a Chardonnay. Rare Diem, playing off the “Carpe Diem” expression, is to seize this moment to find ways to unravel the complexities in emerging markets and the potential solutions. That is why a virtual gathering is slated with Farmacon Global hosting with USC San Diego Extension for September 9th, 2021 as we need to continue to bring solutions through expert connections.”

Farmacon Global provides Strategic Medical Consulting for Rare Disease clinical trials across the U.S. and Latin American, with in-place medical specialists, patients, patient advocacy groups, labs, educators, governing bodies, and key opinion leaders, all leading to accelerated clinical trials. These insights will be available. Save the date September 9th, 2021, if you would like to be part of these important discussions, focusing on the understanding
of Emerging Markets and the importance of identifying the challenges for the industry (pharma and Biotech) Researchers (physicians), and Patients (PAGs). The last virtual conference organized by Farmacon Global, on behalf of the World Duchenne Awareness Day event was this past September in 2020 with 755 doctors and medical workers
and 397 patients registered for the event. “We organized this virtual event because we had conducted a clinical trial for the rare disease Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, said Carlos Martinez, Farmacon’s Global Patient Advocacy Director for that trial.

“I became very close with the families, patients, and other advocates. This is the issue about rare diseases – it’s highly personal. That’s why this September’s upcoming Rare Disease Assembly is named ‘Rare Diem – Seizing Opportunities for Rare Diseases in Emerging Markets’, as this is what is needed now. Underlying everything is the compassion that every stakeholder brings to the lives that are so adversely affected by a rare disease, which until
recently could be considered underserved. We hope you can be a part of this discussion on September 9th, 2021.”

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